House Rules

Breaking these rules will lead to a warning, a temporary ban, a permanent ban or immediate expulsion from the store.  The purpose of the rules is to make everyone — and that means both gamers and other customers — feel safe and comfortable.

  1. Please have clean hands and clothes. Take a shower on the day you’re planning to come in and play.
  2. No stealing.  Being caught stealing either from the store or from another player will result in immediate ejection from the store, or even police involvement depending on the situation.
  3. No rough-housing or unwanted physical contact. Not a place for hitting, even in jest.
  4. No bad language:  Pretend your grandmother is standing right behind you, listening to every word you say.
  5. Good sportsmanship:  win with grace, lose with style. We don’t make each other feel bad or crow over our victories.
  6. No cheating:  No messing with other people’s cards.  This will be handled as a rules violation in tournaments and may lead to formal warnings and/or disqualifications. Repeated violations will have more permanent consequences.
  7. No commenting or interfering with games in progress.  Let people play, and make their own mistakes.
© Karin Belanger 2018